You did not find this book, this book found you. This book will help you gather yourself, take hold of yourself from within, and help you find that place in you, you used to know or never understood. You are setting yourself apart not to be influenced by the negativity that may affect your words or actions. Set apart so that you know you genuinely control your own thoughts.


This book is a journey for 40 days into your soul. It gives guidance, tips, and real-life experience on fasting and setting yourself apart for Self-evaluation and Personal Development. This book is for those who need something different at this next level in their lives and who are ready to put aside all the BS and move in the natural, organic flow in every area of your life.In this book, you will find the remedy for those who are exhausted with the mundane and can't take another minute of the ordinary. You will see life, love, peace, joy, and self-worth in these words, and you will be challenged as well.


I started this Fast, honestly, because I didn't know what else to do. Yes, even a Quarantine is not enough to stop BS from being a significant factor in your life in isolation, especially when we live life virtually most times.I was at a place where I was equally angry and sad for several reasons, reasons that were taking up residence in the very seat of my soul. I knew what I wanted but didn't know how to get there. I knew I wanted to be healthy, happy, and whole, mind, body, and spirit. Mediocre living or barely existing would not cut it anymore. Mindless, meaningless dating was not the answer either, but how do I get healed. I wanted real, tangible, and stable relationships in my life!


I realized I was still angry and sad at how life had treated me in trying to find that "real." I hated the hand I was dealt, and I was furious at God. I wasn't a religious person anymore, but a very spiritual person, which was difficult for me at the time. Then I realized how you could love someone or expect someone to love you when you don't believe the one who created you love's you.


I don't know about you, but I didn't want another failed relationship under my belt. So I was doing everything I can to make sure that the next time is my last time. Things that were not only humanly possible but calling on the powers that be for healing, strength, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, and I got it. This description only speaks of a small portion of this book. Thank you for reading.

Michele B. Devine

40 Day Fast from the BS