Let me tell Y'all something...

You can sit on someone's Social Media couch if you want!! Let them tell you mental illness is not real, propaganda from white people and all that bull hear!!! Then say you don't need any medication, you don't need this, you don't need that, they're not a doctor they don't know what the hell you need!!!

Then when you or your loved one goes out and kill someone because you're manic depressive, bipolar, schizophrenic! Or you kill yourself because you're depressed and suicidal, I hope they remember they told you, you don't need meds!!

Yeah you can say I'm a little upset because I don't like people telling other people what they should and should not be doing and they are not a expert in that field! Keep your mouth shut if you do not have a medical degree or else perhaps you'd rather have blood on your hands one day because of someone else's actions to whom you suggested they "don't need to take medicine" or "their brainwashed by the white man."

In my years of DMV and Relationship counseling I've seen mental illness from a burn on a wife's back leaving a complete impression including the holes and the husband saying he was "branding" what's his, like she's cattle!!! To Men losing their freedom because a women is off her meds and mind. I've seen it in friends, family and complete strangers who suffer silently because of STUPID STIGMAS in the "black community". Where's the "black community" when you're suicidal crying yourself to sleep at night just beggin yourself to make it through another day!!

I've seen what mental illness can do! Ive seen how it robs you and how it can kill you. Black people PLEASE HEAR ME, there is such a thing called mental illness!! You may not know it or believe it because perhaps you've never had it or seen it but if you've ever seen it you would know mental illness is real!

And lets be clear! Everyone is not a activist some folks are just plain crazy and I mean that in the nicest way. I'm not saying all of our children should be on Ritalin and ADHD medicine from the time of conception. I'm talking about grown folks walking, living, breathing on this earth who have some kind of chemical imbalance in their brain that needs to be regulated. You can't talk them down that needs assistance and help!

The problem is that people never see anything beyond their own imagination and that's why we end up lost. There is nothing wrong with getting help. If you break a leg you get help for that, if you have a pain in your stomach you get help, if you have a heart condition you get help for that but you have mental illness and you walk around crazy! Help me understand!!! And then you have people co-sign when you're in your own little bizarro world.

I'm a little irritated today because I'm seeing everything that's going on in the media people fight about which side to choose! If this person deserve to died, where they will mentally ill or we're just just not "woke" enough to understand what's going on in society!!! The truth is some of the "Woke" are slowly being exsposed as frauds!! Here's my word of the advice don't get behind anyone or anything that can't see more than one side of a perspective!! Perception is everything!!!!

And now you want us to believe a woman who has her 5 year old video taping her interaction with police including the stand off where he says "they don't look mean" and she says their coming to kill you and makes her son repeat it!! That's not mental illness that's the white mans propaganda. GTHOH! I have sons and let me tell you that was not the job she was given. We talk about every other race but exactly what are you teaching your own!!

Y'all better stop following these people and at the very least DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!! And wait until all the information is in before you look foolish out in the streets or on Facebook fighting for nothing. Fighting because you're MISINFORMED!

All of us have a duty and responsibility to care about our community but how far and how deep we go with that is our OWN measure! So now let me get back to what I do love!!!!

*My name is MBernadette and I approve this message!!!

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