2021 Face mask trends

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Face masks are now more readily available than just about any trend—even this season’s faves like ruched bags and wild prints—so we might as well find ways to wear them that feel like a fashion statement. Thankfully, the 2021 mask trends understand the delicate balance between safety and style. It seems that 2020 taught us all the best mask practices (Who could have ever guessed?) and ways to make them flow seamlessly with our ensembles. At this point, masks are just another accessory to add to our wardrobes—though definitely more necessary.

Thankfully, face masks have come a long way, and they’re more fashionable than ever these days. There are quite a few different 2021 face mask trends that are everywhere right now, so we rounded them up and gave you ways to shop them all with ease. Plus, they’ll go perfectly with all of your trendy outfits this summer.

From embellished masks that feature gorgeous details worthy of the MoMA to chic disposable masks to wear when sustainable and reusable options just aren’t possible (Allergy season, anyone?), these 2021 face mask trends are here to make our lives a little bit safer and our outfits a little bit cuter.

Whether you’re dressing up for a street style photoshoot or headed out on a run and just want to look put-together enough to grab a coffee afterward, snag one of these mask trends and you’re set. Before long, you might even want to wear them with your favorite looks. They’re that cute! Even better, it looks like we may not even need to wear face masks for very much longer, thank goodness In the meantime, shop these trends to update.

Embellished + Printed Masks If there’s one thing we’ve learned from shopping for face masks recently, it’s that there are plenty of chic options available. There’s one particular trend, though, that emerged last year and is definitely reigning supreme in 2021: embellished and novelty print face masks. Sure, a cute patterned mask is great, but embellished masks take things up a notch. In both surprisingly versatile styles and maximalist delights, this trend is worth shopping for.

Crystal AB Rhinestone Face Mask Masks embellished with rhinestones, sequins and gems are all the rage in 2021—who doesn’t like a little sparkle? This Etsy pick would really pop paired with an all-winter-white ensemble.

Iridescent Sequin Face Mask These glittery face masks come in so many colors it will honestly be hard to choose your favorite. They’re a great option if you’ve got a wedding coming up on your calendar!

Black Disposable Masks An all-black disposable mask—including the ear straps!—is definitely a sleek and easy option. The monochrome style of these masks allow them to flow seamlessly with your coolest street style outfits. Obviously a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable reusable mask is ideal, but when you’re dealing with allergies or know you’ll need to discard your mask after wearing it, a chic disposable face mask is the way to go.

Amazonia – 7 Green Face Masks

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evolvetogether for months, so you know that they have to be good. This green set of seven masks will have you covered for a week straight.

Mask Chains If you’re skeptical about adding accessories—and, in particular, a chain—to your mask, I hear you. But these beauts aren’t your grandma’s glasses chain. Both chunky and dainty chains and straps have had a major comeback (They look really cute on sunglasses too, FYI!), and the trend has transitioned seamlessly to work with all your favorite face masks. Typically, you just clip the accessories onto your mask and go! Before you know it, your safety measure will become a vital part of your outfit.

Rainbow Crystal Mask Chain This shiny beaded mask chain from Maskc looks like the fashion-forward version of those lanyards that you used to make at summer camp. Now you will never lose track of your mask after a night out at dinner.

Fitness Fabrics Whether you’re hitting the pavement for a quick run in a popular park or heading back to the gym for the first time, you’ll likely be wearing a mask for safety. Luckily, there are athletic face masks that are actually cute, too. (A bonus!) Covering your face while exercising isn’t an ideal situation, but it’s still important to help keep yourself and others safe. Luckily, there are quite a few cloth face masks out there made with exercising and looking stylish in mind, so you can breathe comfortably during your next sweat sesh.

Of course, Lululemon designed the most versatile (and mosy workout-friendly) face masks on the market!

Mix and match one of these neutral masks with any of your sports bras. Leave it to Lele Sadoughi to make workout-ready face masks that look absolutely adorable. The contrasting colors on the mask and the straps give these the perfect detail.