The flow state

is a topic I have been passionate about for over five years now. I had a radio show that became the backdrop research to my Bachelor's dissertation. I believe the flow state is where we find purpose.


Pt1 Understanding

the characteristics

of the flow state can help us create ways to experience it in our work and life flow.

I have always been passionate in understanding the journey of an artist. It was in this search I found the research of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi The father of studying the altered conscious state of “flow” in creatives.

Pt2 Today,
let's focus on goals. There are many ways to set them. Any big task, let's break it down. How can you turn that goal into smaller, 20min accomplishments?


Pt3 This can be the part where imposter syndrome, OCD and/or perfectionism start to creep in and tell you...You aren't good enough. You don't sound professional. You don't look professional. Others are more, skilled, talented Just.. more  @meganruthconsultancy

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Pt4 It's that feeling when you start to lose focus on all the other things around you. It's you, your breath, and the activity ahead.