3rdLife.org is about Living and Lifestyle. Through Fashion, mental health, Spirituality, and deep conversation. As well as CBD, Hemp, Gummies and more. 3rdlife Blogs and Podcasts give you an understanding of why these things we chose to sell are safe for everyday life and growth. Lifestyle is determined by our memories, our memories help us create meaning. That helps us to create our life!
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This page is about Personal Development, Mental Healthiness, Loving and Living an extraordinary life, and most importantly loving yourself.

​I am an Advocate of Universal Love. Defined by Spreading LOVE to ALL people and all things. Providing, experience, and knowledge as well as 3rdLife Secrets. As time evolves we must evolve with it or remain as dinosaurs in a world full of progression.

I do this by living a whole, healthy, mind, body, and spirit. By loving who I am and whom I am becoming. 

Take a look around at my website with an open mind. We must learn to think differently, live differently. 3rdLife is all about gaining knowledge and understanding of the new.

New things are being introduced to us through Blogs, Vlog, Podcast, and verbal communication. From phone reviews to clothing and new era medicines to treat every part of our lives. Shop our diversified shops, try something new, or buy something new to bring vigor and meaning back to your life. Anything to know you are alive.
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With Love,

Michele B. Devine

The Wisdom of Experience

means nothing without a humble heart...M

I wish you Peace, Shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken. I pray for your growth mentally, and spiritually. Dealwith yourself, your shortcomings, changes you need to make within and without. Deal with those demons, get to know them, understand why they came and took up residence in you like a Airbnb. AND THEN SERVE EVICTION ON THE ONE BY ONE!!